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2007-02-13 - 9:58 a.m.

Tuesday morning neologism time!

Ok, my first new word is a verb that means when you're craving fast food, and you go to McDonald's or wherever and order your disgusting sodium-laden crap, and you sit there feeling vaguely ashamed, and look around you and realize that everyone here is doing the same thing, and so you are all united in your shameful, greasy habit: this is called to burgerk. When you do this you are burgerking.

And the second one is a new word for "ok" or "word," and it is simply, cherry coke.

I'll let you figure out the history of that one.

If you don't mind a little Elliott Smithishness on a guy's vocals, you may enjoy Winterpills, whose second (?) album is about to be released. Beautiful vocal harmonies.

Note, I am not assuming that ES influenced singer Philip Price, cuz for all I know Price has been singing in that laid-back high register forever.

"They're the modern stone age chimp-an-zeeeees!"

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