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2007-02-15 - 1:00 PM

Midday musings:

  • Deerhoof, Deerhunter, and The Dears should tour together. They could call it the "5 Point Buck Tour" or something to do with antlers.

  • I almost rhymed "Michigan" with "fish, again" in a song I was wrote last night, but decided to spare you kids. You can thank me later.

  • You know whose 70s-era albums don't completely suck? John Sebastian's. He was a pretty decent tunesmith. Collector's Choice is reissuing all his Warner/Reprise solo albums (I particularly like Four of Us and the first solo album.)

  • Oh, crud, there was a fourth music-related thing and I've already lost it. I guess I'll just note that Turning the Mind into an Ally is a nice introduction to the why's and wherefors and some of the hows of meditation.

    Edited to add:

    I just remembered the fourth thing:

    Q. Where does the baby polar bear's avant-garde jazz band play, for an $8.00 cover?

    A. The Knut-ting Factory!

    (Please don't hurt me.)

    My nighttime listening for the past few days has been Hauschka's Room to Expand, whereon he employs a treated piano to create subtle, circular melodies, not unlike Harold Budd's work.

    What I like most about this is that, in an era where most musical messin' about is done electronically, in the production, Hauschka goes through the trouble of altering an acoustic instrument, and then recording it fairly straightforwardly in its organic splendor. There is something quaint about that.

    And then there's ol' Rhys Chatham--I just noticed his new (?) album is up at Emusic. I like it cuz, I think one or two guitars is really not enough. One must have at least 150 guitars on one's album for it to effectively rock the nation.

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