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2007-02-16 - 11:41 a.m.

13 Tzameti is finally on DVD!

It's a slight film, and a little gimmicky, and grim, but suspenseful and really well put together.

It's not a horror film, genre-wise, but it centers arounds a horror-inducing situation (which I shan't reveal--it's better when it's a surprise--and which the director has hinted is based on real events, although I am skeptical).

And it is very French: filmed in black & white, lots of train travel, cigarettes, and a lead actor who could be a heart-throb if he didn't seem so genuinely woebegone. George Babluani has the rubbery, post-adolescent beauty of a man who hasn't grown into his looks yet, and he sort of blobs around haplessly, but in the film's crucial moments, he is amazingly authentic.

If the American remake stars Ashton Kucher (or, like, Justin Timberlake) I am going to weep for days.

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