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2007-02-19 - 4:55 p.m.

Happy Presidents Day!

I would someday like to direct a film about our 27th president and have Isaac Hayes do the music.

I was roaming off-leash briefly in Park Slope and noticed these things:

  • The Desiderata mural on Union Street and Fifth Ave has the second two words in the line "Therefore be at peace with God" slurred together, creating the expression, "Beat peace with God," which is an interesting and evocative mistake.

  • The pizza place on Union and Fourth proudly declares itself "Home of the Grandma Pie." Oh! "Sorry Grandma--you start spacing on the birthday checks, this is what happens."

    Music and Lyrics, while most definitely a light romantic comedy, could have been far less witty and believable and still made a zillion dollars opening on Valentine's Day, but to its credit it aims slightly higher.

    The opening video sequence is hilarious, the songwriting scenes didn't make me puke, and there were some fine moments of true and funny dialogue.

    The ending is pure Hollywood, but that's why they call it a "date movie" (cuz dates involve a certain amount of acting , building up to a pleasant and predictable ending, sometimes co-starring Hugh Grant).

    Two Aquarian members of our species were added last week, namely:

    Deirdre Ristic, 2/11:

    and Tabor Paoli, 2/15:

    They already have similar tastes in blankets, perhaps they will grow up and become friends.

    Welcome to the human race, kids!

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