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2007-02-23 - 10:54 a.m.

Fans of Curt Boettcher and "sunshine pop" will be pleased to learn that the second Goldebriars album is being reissued on CD by Collector's Choice. In addition to the great cover photo of the group in their tasteful, futuristic outfits, there is some lovely singing here.

And of course you'll want to follow that up by Netflicking this movie in which they (and Joan Rivers) appear:

Calla's new album came out this week, too.

(I always forget, until I hear them again, that they aren't an type band. Cuz their name sounds like it.)

But anyway, their new one is interesting--lots o' texture and mass and density.

Have you ever sat in traffic, and listened to the cacophony of horns and wished that they could all be tuned to different notes in the same scale? I know many people have had that fantasy, but in Ghana, they made a musical genre (Por Por) out of it.

This fun album from Smithsonian Folkways records the honkings and hornings of a group of musical taxi drivers. It's surprisingly listenable (the squeeze horns sound like accordions, or like the beginning of Laurie Anderson's "O Superman") and the song titles alone are worth checking out.

I mentioned the Winterpills last can stream their new album here.

And, wow, check out the first two MP3s on the Holmes Brothers' MySpace page.

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