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2007-03-03 - 1:00 a.m.

SWAT team Commander Sgt. MonkeyCuddles

"...An American police force is planning to sign up a monkey to reinforce its elite special operations team..."

The Frames are one of the many bands these days who bear a striking resemblance to Radiohead and, I suppose, their Irish brethren U2 with their epic, droning ballads.

The songs themselves are ok, serviceable, and in the case of "When Your Mind's Made Up" and "Sad Songs" better than ok.

But what impresses me is that they recorded this whole thing live in the studio, and it sounds great.

Because of the unrelenting mid- and slow tempos, this an album that will make its presence felt better on an iTunes shuffle than listened to all at once.

"...pornographic film actor (average salary: $63,275), rabbi (average salary: $98,610) and crossing guard (average hourly wage: $9.21)..."

Eeep! That Monkey Cop story turns out to be both out of date and somewhat false. Disregard.

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