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2007-03-05 - 9:26 p.m.

This is my new guitar! (Not literally--but that's what it looks like! Except mine has open-coil pickups.)

I am really excited for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the transaction of procuring said beauty was as fast as magic lightning. From desire to Craigs List to meeting to hauling took about as much effort as buying my last lipstick, and the sellers were really nice.

Secondly, it was very, very reasonable (priced to move), and came with a bunch of extra stuff, including a case, tuner, strap, and a darlin' practice amp that is designed to look like a mini Pro Reverb. (My neighbors will be happy...although it actually kicks up a ruckus...I wonder if I could get away with using this as a performance amp at smaller venues).'s my first non-Fender guitar! Playing Fenders almost exclusively is one of my rare gestures of brand loyalty, but I'm a single-coil goil, and I've never really strayed from the Tele/Mustang thing (except when I borrow Wombat's Danelectro). Nevertheless, I really like the feel of this.'s all black! Shiny, panther-like, sleek black with a rosewood fingerboard (and a jaunty black strap). It looks very beautiful sitting here, I can't stop looking at it. Black as midnight on a moonless as a Bob Mackie head-dress designed for as the newly-purchased t-shirt of a Coheed & Cambria fan before laundry as my sparkly classic-rock soul...

Anyway, I bought this mostly to write and practice on, but I think I'll end up using it for shows, too.

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