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2007-03-14 - 11:48 a.m.

I want to join one of those gigantic Canadian bands like Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene, as a triangle player or something. Not that I'm even much of a fan of either, but they look like they're having such a fun time. Maybe this only works if you're Canadian?

I am thinking about calling my new guitar "Blackmore" or "Jackson" or "Panther" but I am not sold on any of those yet. I do know that my guitar is male, and requires a masculine or neutral moniker.

I am currently enjoying the always reliable Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation, which, if you haven't read it (and you probably have), is a very funny and insightful account of her trip around the country gawking at relics and monuments to assassinated presidents.

As she admits, this journey reflects some angst about the current leader of the free world.

Stop saving yourself for a rainy day
No amount of rain can contain
two days worth of you.

--Erich Kuersten

Maybe not as good as the Larchies' version, but here's Robyn Hitchcock doing "See Emily Play":

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