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2007-03-17 - 4:03 p.m.

I made my twice-yearly visit to a quaint, olde-fashioned CD shoppe in my 'hood, sorta killing time and sorta hoping they had, by some miracle, that Jane Wiedlin album, Fur, because I've been thinking about it lately, and it's not available online.

I learned that there are thousands and thousands of artists whose albums haven't gone away just because I stopped thinking about them. In the "W" section alone: Widespread Panic, World Party, Dar Williams, and a CD which inspired the following bit of "sudden fiction" immediately afterward:

The buxom waitress in the red and white striped mini-uniform balances herself, just barely, on rollerskates, knock-kneed, watching in horror as the remaining wedge of cherry pie, once secure and unmoving on her plate, now falls down, down, down the plumbline of her viscera.

She gasps, hand to cheek.

She wonders, do I make a grab for it? Let it go?

Who would eat such a fallen slice of pie, and what kind of tip can I expect after such clumsiness?

But a tender emotion rises in her heart: compassion. For herself, making a living on skates. For the sad piece of pie. For her customers.

And so she sighs, and smiles, and lets the flaky crust and gelatinous filling splatter on the ground in all directions, because there is no reining in a piece of pie when it decides to fall.

Semi-relatedly (you'll see), here's a special shout-out to Mr. Lojban, who, in a very special episode of IHoP comments a few weeks back, recommended Pandora-FM. I've been enjoying this, and it is good for discovering new stuff.

So far my favorite specialty radio stations have been "Tom Verlaine Radio," "Can Radio," and "Jane Wiedlin Radio."

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