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2007-03-19 - 7:24 p.m.

Outside the main classroom at IYI there's a rogue's gallery of spiritual teachers from all different eras and traditions, alongside some quotations attributed to each.

I have been reading and re-reading those aphorisms since I took my first yoga class in that room almost 17--seventeen!--years ago. (Yes, I was six years old.)

Yesterday I was particularly struck by Maimonides:

Who is wise?
One who learns from all.

Who is mighty?
One who controls the passions.

Who is rich?
One who is satisfied.

Who is honored?
One who respects others.

I downloaded Audacity the other day and it's been such a creative resource. I am only using it in the most primitive way--recording song ideas, little fragments--but I can see how it could be potentially quite cool for recording demos and such.

Anyone else have any experiences w/this program?

Not only is this an interesting story about inter-species communication, but I love these two particular types of birds.

Also, "nut-hatch" was one of many terms of endearment that my dad used when my sibs and I were kids. (He was a bird-lover).



"...He said, 'Marie, Marie hold on tight,' and down we went..."

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