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2007-03-22 - 11:07 a.m.

I have no special affinity for the 60s girl-group thing, but I think Mary Weiss is handling her "comeback" just right: working with the Reigning Sound, and releasing her record on the ever-cool Norton label. The songs are good enough, and she still has the cool side-parted hair.

Of all my ex-husbands, I'd say that David Wechsler is the most talented. His new solo album, Vacations (available at both those links) features many of my favorite Dave originals that he doesn't get to do with Pinataland, like "Coney Island Waltz" and "Roman Road."

And that cover photo was taken in France by yours truly, the joke being that even when Dave's on vacation, he still likes to operate his forklift.

Also highly recommended: the new Nick Cave (Grinderman) record--"Get it On" (which you can hear here) is startlingly wonderful.

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