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2007-03-23 - 1:35 a.m.

On his new album Strangelet, Grant-Lee Phillips seems to be channeling Marc Bolan and John Lennon .

It is one of the most consistent CDs I've heard in a while, and a good album-qua-album--it flows well and even without a lot of variation in (mid)tempo it holds my attention throughout.

I've decided--shock!--to quit Emusic. Because it's too good.

I download 40 new songs per month, plus stuff I get from other sources, and I don't have time to really get to know any of the music. I feel like I'm hosting a gigantic party and I'm so busy greeting new guests that I can't have a meaningful conversation with anyone.

I have 26 downloads left...any suggestions as to individual songs or whole albums (any genre) to use up my remaining membership will be taken in a spirit of exploratory what-the-hell. (Like making me a virtual mix CD).

I do believe I have met my soulmate.

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