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2007-03-27 - 6:07 a.m.

The 2005 film Stay, ironically, came and went pretty quickly and the critics were not enthusiastic. (Although one user comment on the Metacritic page contains this strange accolade: "...the directing was beautiful and the clothing was better than in almost every film...").

I watched it the other night and got drawn in. It's a gorgeous movie, and it does "weird, dream-like state" very well. The New York presented here is a haunting, stained-glass cathedral of a city, and the performances are strong. Ryan Gosling seems to be the go-to actor for "charismatic, disturbed young fella."

The new Graham Parker album is the most engaging thing I've heard him do in a while. Good songs and he's in good voice. He seems to be singing in a higher register--his voice is almost unrecognizable here.

Thank you, Wikipedia.

My local supermarket has a help-wanted sign for a "meat wrapper." I think that is an apt description of the human body.

Here's everything you need to know about reggae sound systems.

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