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2007-03-30 - 7:11 p.m.

There was something life-affirming about attending the Radio Heartbeat Power Pop Fest last night and seeing all those young'uns coming out to hear this kind of music. It is also sweet to see them cheering on acts who have been playing music longer than some of them have been alive.

Anyway, I saw:

  • The Pets, who were good, but I can't find anything about them to link to, therefore I think maybe they do not exist

  • The Riff Randells from Vancouver, a cute power trio

  • My favorite band of the evening, The Nice Boys, who had the most musically sophisticated approach of all the bands on the bill (er, they used 5 chords instead of 3, but still!)

  • Nikki Corvette, who brought a cheesoid but still very fun vibe to the proceedings.

  • The first couple of songs from 20/20, who were good but went on too late for me

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