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2007-04-03 - 7:42 a.m.

Wow...Rick Wakeman never gave up, even when the world gave up on him. I am really tempted to go out an buy all his albums as some kind of gesture to the universe...but I should also pay my phone bill.

I may like the guy from Grandaddy's solo album a little better than his dayjob band, but that may be because I'm paying closer attention. Or because even the lightest electronica elements tend to distance me a little from a band, and Jim Fairchild seems to be doing more straight-up pop here.

I believe this article asks the wrong question. "Should" they have rights? Should anyone? What are rights but a list of abstract rules we all agree on? Do rights even exist if we can't comprehend and defend them ourselves?

Could an ape have rights? Well. yeah, that would be nice.

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