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2007-04-04 - 8:28 p.m.

This post is entitled: "Remember 2006? That Was an Awesome Year, Dude. Hey, I LOVE You, Man!"

It is my third post today, please stop me.

I was never much of a Pulp fan, but I finally got the Jarvis Cocker album that a couple of my pals had raved about last year, and it's wonderful. "Big Julie" is a classic piano ballad, like something Rufus W. would inflict on our vulnerable nervous systems.

I have also caught up with Lisa Germano's latest, and its typically sad sad sad beautiful tannic brilliance. My love for her only grows.

Didnt even realize that Green Pajamas put out an album of rarities in 2006, but it's pretty swell (and the title is a reference that Jonathan Carroll fans will recognize.)

But here's the bad news: the vocalist from (or rather who is) El Perro del Mar has one of those voices that I can't listen to without breaking out into shingles and hives. She seems charming and lovely, and the songs are nice, but: agh! I had to delete this album from my iTunes.

Oh, wait, one more 2006 thing: I have now watched The Prestige two.point.five times, which is a record for me. It is a nearly perfect film, and the kind of enterprise that demands multiple viewings.

Further, as much as I love "twists," this movie had me enthralled even up til the big reveal--I would have been totally happy had it just been a regular old movie about ambition, rivalry, science, magic, and terrible Icarus/Eve-like desire for knowledge and power.

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