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2007-04-09 - 11:09 a.m.

Beefstock was great! The cold weather and snow made it extra specially cozy, I think, as the resort, Full Moon Central, is kind of a hippie ski lodge anyway.

Good company, good music, good conversations, good food.

Highlights would include Circus Guy's recreation of side 2 of this album (unbeknownst to me--I thought it was a bunch of new Michael Culhane songs); the debut of Out of Order, a teenage punk trio (30 years on, punk is still the music of rebellion--how did that happen?); Andy Mattina's instrumental set; Brute Force's charismatic turn (with his daughter on backing vocals); the Puppetheads and their agreeable post-punk shenanigans; and great, rousing sets by old chinas The Larch, the Wonderwheels, Ixnay, Fred Gillen, etc.

Here's a little slideshow, courtesy of Ixnay's drummer Kristie Lee (who not only plays and sings at the same time, but does so with charmingly expressive facial gestures):

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