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2007-04-14 - 11:17 a.m.

Video notes:

  • Fish. Barrel. Blam! But, man, Ocean's 12 is a really bad movie. A ridiculous plot, many little cutesy insider jokes, much forced whimsy, and then moments where we're supposed to be moved. Yech. This one made me forget that I grudgingly began to like George Clooney after that Murrow movie.

  • Friends with Money, which I felt tepid about the first time, is much better suited for home video. On the small screen I feel more compassion for its characters (and included in its embrace).

    I just noticed that the bracketology book I'd referred to the other day contains a very amusing entry by none other than sometimes reader Jens C.. He opines on "the best long song" and correctly identifies "Marquee Moon" as the greatest of all possible 10+ minute epics.

    This week is reading-mania for me. Went to KGB on Thursday to hear excellent readings by Anthony Tognazzini and Adam Rapp, both of whom have new books out, and today I'm headed to the Times Square Arts Center to hear Glossophagia read some of his poems.

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