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2007-05-07 - 11:20 a.m.

We have had perfect Spring weather in NYC for the past 5 days...In between jaunts in the wild sunshine, I have been doing the usual amount of reading and DVD-gawking, though:

  • Little Children was almost as good as the book (screenplay co-written by its author), although the voice-over narration was distracting and unnecessary. But the performances were great, especially seeing Kate Winslet playing dowdy and Jackie Earle Haley playing creepy.

  • The Long Goodbye has now taken its place at the top of my "favorite Robert Altman films" list. The combination of Elliott Gould's ultra-charming take on Philip Marlowe, and the dream-like Altman-y vision makes a really enjoyable detective story where the plot is secondary to the characters.

  • Reading bits of the Decameron as pre-sleep palate cleanser. I'm not ready to comment, though

  • My main book, Promise Not to Tell, is poised somewhere between "good mystery" and "mediocre novel," but I'm staying with it until I find out, ya know, who dun it.

  • A nice person just leant me Ian Hunter's 1972 tour diary. Had I only known about this book when my mad crush on Ian Hunter was in full flower!

    Oddly enough, this glob entry contains mention of three men on whom I had enduring crushes at various points in my girlish past: Elliott Gould (fell in love with both him and Robt Blake after seeing the movie Busting on late night TV as an insomniacal 11-year old); Jackie Earle Haley (I thought he was the cutest one in Breaking Away); and Ian Hunter (who made my 16-yr-old heart yearn).

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