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2007-05-10 - 9:21 p.m.

A while back, Baby Party turned me onto this cool site that helps women (sorry, fellas) find a good-fitting pair of jeans.

So the other day while on a 60+ minute multi-media conference call (zzz) I tried it, found a pair of Levi's that also happened to be on sale where America used to shop, and voila--now I have a great, cheap pair o'jeans, no fitting room traumas or department store fluorescent light headache.

Thanks, BP!

In subway news (sorry, outta-towners) the N-line fleet now has one of those groovy future-is-now dream trains that previously only seemed to run on the 4/5/6 line.

When I step into one of those babies, I feel like nothing could possibly go wrong...

Even if dub music isn't your thing (sorry, um, some other large demographic), this reissued Dub War between the Lloyd Coxsone and Quaker City sound systems is pretty great, and worth checking out for the preserved LP cover art and liner notes, in all their slapdash, typo'd glory.

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