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2007-05-15 - 1:18 p.m.

Koala twins! I want to squeeze them until their little bulbous noses explode.

This physics article is cool, starting with the byline and everything after.

Non-fiction round-up!

  • Last night I sat down and plowed through this thoroughly depressing book pretty much non-stop, although I skimmed a couple chapters. It is the highly readable story of a family destroyed by a dysfunctional pattern of insecure women falling for creepy, selfish, and violent men.

    I kept reading hoping that some sort of prescriptive advice or psychological insights would emerge, and they really don't, but I like the clear-eyed and unsentimental way the author writes (she's a journalist) and I suppose it serves as a cautionary tale.

  • Suze Orman's 9 Steps to Financial Freedom has been sitting on my table for a week. I occasionally pick it up, read a subheading like "Maximizing the Impact of a Roth or Traditional IRA," and quickly shut the book and put it down, tiny beads of sweat collecting on brow. That's my review.

  • The Emotional Lives of Animals clearly has a political (or more accurately moral) agenda, and I'm ok with that--firstly because it is a very interesting collection of information about "greeting rumbles," baboon friendships, elephant burials, and the like.

    And secondly cuz I have no problem with people sermonizing on behalf of animals. I'm not crazy about animal rights extremists, but exploring the ethics of human/animal relationships seems like a worthwhile endeavor.

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