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2007-05-16 - 1:09 p.m.

Saw a fun round-robin show/interview at the Living Room last night, featuring Lazy Lions's Jim Allen and Carol Lipnick. They each did songs and then talked with hostess Kelly Flint about their songcraft.

Jim, as I've noted in these pages before, is a great songwriter in both the Richard Thompson singer-songwriter mode and, with his band, a powerful power-popper.

And Carol, also previously raved about here, possesses an otherworldly voice, seemingly channeled from some other realm, not angelic and breathy but sort of golden/red/coppery and strong, goes right through you and cures cancer and ear mites.

John Sayles's short stories are really enjoyable, in a deadpan (but not spartan) Joyce Carol Oates kind of way.

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