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2007-05-18 - 12:01 p.m.

From the Dept. of Myths and Misconceptions Destroyed:

  • If I had been on a gameshow and was asked "Who had a hit with the song 'Sky High'?" I would have confidently answered, "The Raspberries," and I would have heard the scornful buzz of the wrong-answer sound effect.

    I learned today that it was, in fact, Jigsaw.

  • If I had to explain the difference between Colin Hay and Edwyn Collins, I'd be confused and hazy. I might pretend to faint or excuse myself to "check on the roast."

    Now I know for sure that the first guy was a Man at Work and the second one was from Orange Juice.

  • And it was only recently (not today or yesterday, but some time in late 2006) that I realized that Skeeter Davis was a white, female country singer and not a leather-jacketed, floppy-cap-wearing, black male soul singer as I had envisioned in my mind whenever I heard the name.

    Diaper cakes are kind of upsetting, but this puppy is not.

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