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2007-06-09 - 11:14 a.m.

So just a reminder that next Saturday, June 16, Ross, Andy, Tom, and I will be playing at the MFA (Musicians Fight ALS) Benefit at The Hook--it's an all-day indoor/outdoor event.

Doors open at 2:00pm -- Music starts at 3:30pm

Admission: $5.00

Line-up (not sure how exact these times are, as the 8:00 act had to cancel):
3:30 PM Midnight Hour
4:15 PM John Gallagher
5:00 PM Paula Carino
5:45 PM The Secrets
6:30 PM Zeke Carey Band
7:15 PM The Kitchen
8:45 PM The Shirts
9:30 PM Liza & Wheels
10:15 PM John Sharples Band
11:00 PM The G.O.D.
11:45 PM Out of Order
12:30 AM Plastic Beef

+ acoustic sets in between out in the courtyard.

Unrelatedly, this book by Trezza Azzopardi was very nicely written, and now I am curious about her previous books. She may be the first Welsh author I've consciously read.

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