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2007-06-12 - 10:59 a.m.

Apparently McSweeney's, like many publishing concerns these days, is falling on hard times. They are having an auction of some cool stuff to help offset a recent financial disaster that happened as a result of their distributor's declaring bankruptcy.

Semi-relatedly, I've been reading short stories by McSweeney's regular Jack Pendarvis. This is going to sound like faint praise damnation, but, well, it's a nice little book. Funny, not particularly deep, but entertaining.

This excerpt from a Believer piece I found when googling Pendarvis's name just made me laugh out loud, so perhaps he is just better suited for shorter writing.

The new James Blood Ulmer record is interesting. It's pretty straight-up blues/funk, not so out-there as other stuff I've heard from him, but still really intense and sweaty.

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