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2007-06-15 - 10:57 a.m.

As someone who occasionally irritates people by merely liking--not revering--the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and about 89% of the pop canon, this article delighted me. It's one thing to love an album or artist--it's quite another to expect everyone to fall in line and agree that such-and-such is a classic.

And here's the weird part--I adore Nevermind and yet still get a kick out of Wayne Coyne's comments because they resonate big time.

I would add to this list of overrated albums Never Mind the Bollocks..., but I'll stop there cuz if I keep going it just puts me in a bad mood...

But you know who I have underrated all these years? Mary Lou Lord. There was a time when I just had no use for her indie-folk covers, but I've been revisiting her albums recently and enjoying the understatedness of it all, and her voice, and her whole busker vibe. Also, her own songs are very good.

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