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2007-06-19 - 1:08 p.m.

Like a fever dream, a hazy recollection gathering from the mists of time and memory, I seem to recall watching The Merv Griffin Show one night many years ago, and the Village People were on. However, they weren't decked out in their usual domey-do-duds, they were instead gussied up like Spandau Ballet. They performed some horrifying synth-pop, and then went to sit in the conversation area.

Merv said, amazed, "Is this what they are calling New Romantic music?!"

And one of the singers replied gravely, humbly, "Yes."

I was impressed that Merv knew the expression (I guess he read it in their press material), and I was kind of mesmerized even then at the surreal unfolding.

Today, while researching the Village People, I find that their New Romantic period did in fact happen, it wasn't just a dream, and resulted in an album called Renaissance (containing what is no doubt the definitive reflection of romantic, 14th-century sensibilities, "Food Fight.") .

It's like I've found a missing piece of myself.

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