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2007-06-20 - 8:05 a.m.

Holy hat--the M'ups have a new record, and Emusic has it already.

It sounds really good to me--but I am biased; the Meat Puppets are a band that I will always stand by. Their albums certainly waver in quality, but they always sound exactly like themselves, and that sound is pleasing to me.

About 6 months ago, a pet shop opened on my block. Now, pet shops that sell dogs, cats, and other animals tend to make me sad--seeing animals in cages is a drag, knowing they most likely come from puppy mills and breeders of ill repute sickens me if I think about it too much.

But I walk by the shop twice/more times a day (it stays open late), and there they are, those dogs in the window, and by now I have close personal relationships with every single woofer in the store.

I have a name for each one, except the tiny mop-tops that all look alike, who I just regard as one entity like a cloud of locusts.

There's no point to this story, except that these dogs lift my spirits every time I see them, and it's nice watching other people watch them, even if at the heart of it I feel like I'm walking by a bordello every day and laughing at the cute li'l prostitutes. Bad analogy but I think you know what I'm gettin' at.

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