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2007-06-24 - 8:22 a.m.

Last night's festivities: everyone's favorite drummer, Tom Pope, had his belated birthday celebration at Fred's playing with all his bands.

Caught excellent sets by Ol' Switcheroo, The Larch, Preacherman, and the WoWheels. There was more but I was pretty knackered and left at 12:00.

This weekend's subway reading has been the elegant short stories of Enid Shomer. She has a tricky way of dropping you into someone's life for a brief, revealing glance before airlifting you back out without much plot or resolution.

The new Polyphonic Spree album is nice, I especially like the stately "We Crawl."

You can play the band's official game here.

And while I'm not crazy about the new album from Joan as Policewoman, the first song on the album, "Real Life," is a lovely piano ballad reminiscent of Lisa Germano.

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