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2007-07-03 - 7:57 a.m.

Mary Zwo is the new Knut.

And Sinead O is the proto-Knut: abandoned by her mother, recipient of death-threats, raised by a zookeeper in the Berlin zoo..wait this metaphor is breaking down...

Anyway, as much as I long for the day that Sinead will rock out again the way she did on her debut album, I have stuck by her, and I am always glad to hear her voice.

The new album is an admirable concept--all spiritual songs (including the amazing "I Don't Know How to Love Him" which I never appreciated til now. although caveat: she oversings it a bit), one disc of acoustic versions, one disc of full-band versions.

It's a little samey--too many 3/4 ballads!--but that's what "shuffle" is for.

If you're not a fan, this record is not gonna change your opinion, but if you have room in your life for some Irish sincerity, this'll do ya.

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