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2007-07-11 - 12:34 p.m.

Although my instincts, and past experience, tell me that it may be unwise, I have this hankering to see El Cantante, based almost completely on hearing the soundtrack: ridiculously infectious.

However, YouTube clips of Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon also satisfy some of that urge.

The new Spoon album is really good. I'm still easing into the songs, but on the first few listens I can say that the production is interesting and Jim Eno's drumming is particularly expressive here.

My favorite song so far is "The Ghost of You Lingers," which you can hear on their MySpace page.

They are playing in Battery Park tonight...but Saturday's abortive effort to see the Boredoms at Bklyn Bridge Park is a ghost that still lingers....I dunno if I'm up for it...

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