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2007-07-12 - 12:30 p.m.

Well, I didn't see Spoon after all. The skies opened up and deposited a Biblical downpour at about 6:00, and I had to stay at work late anyway.

Did anyone go?

However, later on I enjoyed something almost as fun: I watched The 39 Steps, a wonderful film. It is both gorgeously shot and a good ol' fashioned ripping yarn, with lots of unknown (to me) old-timey British actors and a very funny opening scene, before everything gets tense and Hitchcockian.

I like these guys.

Summer: fitness!

I started a new weight training program a couple weeks back that depends on timing reps rather than counting them (i.e. push-ups for one minute rather than X number of push-ups).

Using the second hand on my watch is a pain in the neck, so I created an iTunes playlist of all one-minute songs. This makes timing things much easier and of course more fun.

I limited the list to things from 58 seconds to 1:01, but I made an exception for "Kicker of Elves" (1:04), because once those endorphins start flowin', I'm all about the "sickly sweet milk of selfish love."

So here's the list. If you have any further suggestions, lemme know!

  • Aerial Tal -- Kate Bush
  • Flavor Bud Living -- Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
  • I am the Law (in the Ointment) -- Tris McCall
  • Interlude (Milo) -- Modest Mouse
  • Kicker of Elves -- Guided By Voices
  • Le Tango -- Erik Satie
  • St 100/6 -- Big Star
  • Tea for the Tillerman -- Cat Stevens
  • The Interview -- Kevin Ayers
  • Theme From The Orphan Of Zhao -- Stephin Merritt
  • There was a Time -- T. Rex
  • Um "Oh!" e um "Ah!" -- Tom Zé
  • Wonka's Welcome Song -- Danny Elfman

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