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2007-07-15 - 9:37 a.m.

This news story has everything going for it: giant chimps? Check. Magical forest? Check.

I vaguely remember the band Zuzu's Petals when they were around, but was not blown away by their music. Years later I heard that the leader of the band, Laurie Lindeen, had married PW and I thought, "Hmm, well, if he's not gonna marry me, then I'm glad he married a local gal and a musician," and never gave it a second thought.

Now she's got a memoir of her Zuzu's Petals years, which reminds me of Jen Trynin's book from a little while back: an interesting, amiable account of the underground rock world of the '90s, just as the scene was shifting from "this is our little punk rock family" to major label feeding frenzies and Nirvana going platinum.

She doesn't go really deep here--her tone is generally wry and bemused--but the book is readable summer fare, and makes you realize that behind every indie band that you weren't crazy about is some sprawling epic of visions realized and dreams coming true (or not) and many, many hours in vans.

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