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2007-07-20 - 11:24 a.m.

Went to see a free TV taping of a Crowded House show last night, with the lovely Pamela and Sue.

CH are kicking off their reunion tour and promoting their new album, and the show was a nice balance of new stuff and old.

Neil Finn is still in excellent voice, still totally cute and self-effacing, and the band sounded absolutely great. And we were this close to the action. Even with my spotty Finn brothers history, I felt giddy and (inwardly) squealy.

There were maybe a few too many audience singalong moments for my taste, but I guess Crowded House is on the official register of Nostalgia Acts now, and these things can't be helped.

The show was at the Masonic Lodge, which I have walked past 1000 times and have never been in--it's a gorgeous old building with a plush concert hall featuring a huge old pipe organ (which got played last night). And everyone got free vodka drinks in the swanky Masonic bar--woo!

All in all,a perfect rock spectacle.

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