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2007-07-21 - 12:22 p.m.

Saying that an album is the "best since [album from n+1 years ago]" is often misleading. For me, sometimes the reason [new album] is as good as [much older album] is because I simply needed a break from that artist's schtick, and now I'm listening with fresh ears. Those intervening years may have been filled with juicy musical treasures, which I would not have appreciated.

And this, indeed, seems to be the case with the new TMBG album, which I am enjoying very much. Song for song, it is on par with my favorite moments of their back catalog.

Considering the number of man-hours I've put into listening to this band's music, the shocking number of times I've seen them live, and the extent to which they've influenced my own songwriting, I qualify as a rabid fan. But I stopped listening with as rapt attention some time after John Henry.

It is good to have them back....

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