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2007-07-22 - 8:50 p.m.

I had an uncharacteristic urge to clean my apartment on Saturday, plus I was a wee bit under the weather, and thus I blew off the Siren Festival. Seeing some photos of the Dolls that a friend took made me wish I'd rallied, but whatever.

Did anyone go? (Well, apparently a lot of people went.)

Everything I enjoyed this weekend had to do with dining, yoga, or good conversation, and by golly it's hard to link to those things, although I can tell you that Crave in Carroll Gardens makes a delicious chocolate chili cake, and Tempo (which replaced the old stalwart Cucina recently) serves a transcendent polenta appetizer that is unlike any polenta I've ever had--it's creamy instead of solid.

Wow, I have no vocabulary for writing about food.

I suppose I should mention that I started Annie Dillard's new novel and I can tell it's gonna be rough going. I worship her when she's got her essayist pants on, but her fiction tends to be dreadfully dull.

I am going to name my next album "Totally Buble" if no one else has already.

Oh, no!

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