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2007-07-31 - 9:45 a.m.

John Pinamonti has started a bi-weekly acoustic singer/songwriter showcase at Bar on A, and last night was the inaugural evening, featuring Ian Roure and Liza Garelik, Dan Sallitt, and Bob Prince (you might want to shield your eyes from his MySpace page as you listen, as it is one of those where "Tom" is one of 2 friends).

Bar on A is a cozy, nicely appointed two-room place with a wee stage area and a gerry-rigged PA that is perfect for this kind of thing.

Highlights: Pinamonti's new, Brazilian-flavored song about Smith Street...Liza's "Taking Attendance" (a paean to living in the moment that always makes me feel wistful)...Ian's "Return of the Chimera" (whose "oh-oh-uh-uh-oh" chorus never wants to leave my head)...Sallitt's whole second set...

And in state governance news, my lovely and talented co-worker Kitty wrote a letter to the Times about Eliot Spitzer's public apology, and he called her to thank her personally. Maybe this guy's ethical stance is for real. I'm skeptical but hopeful.

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