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2007-07-31 - 10:16 p.m.

Went to a reading at McNally-Robinson tonight. Was there to see my friend Anthony read from his swell book, but also enjoyed hearing Idra Novey's translations of this fella's poetry. She even read a few in the original Portuguese, a language I could listen to all day even if I didn't understand a word of it.

One of the few times I ever really wanted a camera phone happened today when I passed the pet store downstairs and saw that they have 7 new beagle puppies no bigger than your hand (if you have kinda large-ish hands).

Words cannot do these floppy-eared aliens justice--they are so cute it makes my eyes water. And they have been installed with all the requisite puppy features: they gambol about, their ears all a-flounce, in the shredded newspaper like it's their job.

They pretty much look like this, only tinier.

And in really sad news, the bass player of this excellent band has been killed in a van crash.

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