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2007-08-10 - 10:00 a.m.

The adjectives that describe most of my favorite albums are: "uncategorizable, personal, flawed"...cuz if you add all these qualities to strong songwriting, it makes for a thoroughly human document. I would say all these things about the new Okkervil River album (it's up on Emusic).

No longer just a "folk/punk" outfit, they are pulling off a variety of styles here, all rooted in rock melancholia (it's kind of a sad record). And in magician's terms, they seem able to handle both close magic and the big epic illusion...

I stumbled across this interesting and obsessive blog about Fibonacci numbers in pop music. Probably not the kind of thing you need to read about every day (and the blogger seems to have given up for the time being), but makes for an interesting study.

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