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2007-08-12 - 1:47 p.m.

This has been a great weekend so far, aided in part by the beautiful weather and some sort of cosmic alignment that has resulted in perfectly-timed train-catching for three days in a row.

Some highlights:

  • Excellent pizza and company at Fornino on Friday

  • Teaching on Saturday, to a class of particularly nice and responsive students

  • Watching Tom Warnick rock the house last night, a triumphant set that not only demonstrated Tom's natural charisma, but also the mad skillz of his band, the World's Fair.

  • Ridiculously good times at Hope & Anchor karaoke. Just the right mix of personalities, song choices, and moxie...and this despite the absence of Kay Sera. Is she gone forever? The transvestites running the show last night were actual women, dressed as drag queens.

  • Tonight: the heroic return of Blow this Nightclub, the most talked-about society event in mookville!

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