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2007-08-23 - 11:11 a.m.

Yay--finally some good parenting in the animal kingdom!

Although we are supposed to return to our regularly scheduled summer haze this weekend, the weather this week has been pleasantly gloomy with the thrilling tang of pre-Autumn. Jacket weather!

On Tuesday I impulsively purchased a trench coat at lunch time to ward off the chill, and I love it so much that I am wishing we could just fast forward to fall.

In movie news--for I have been on a total movie jag lately--I watched the frustratingly almost-good Fracture recently. The premise was clever enough, but it contained too many maddening cliches and improbabilities for my viewing comfort...

Ryan Gosling (whose only flaw is an unfortunate set of too-large nostrils) is as good as usual, so he gets a pass. Rosamund Pike is a stunning beauty, but just a fair actor (she relies on jittery facial expressions to telegraph “I am having an emotion!”). And Anthony Hopkins--Sir Anthony!--who I used to consider talented, has turned into a bag of mannerisms, and kinda ruins the whole picture.

But now I feel bad because I wasted all these words on a movie that wasn’t good, and I don’t have any time to tell you how good Zodiac is. But it is! An excellent ensemble cast does their best with subtle, fascinating material, and the period details are so dead on...

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