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2007-08-27 - 2:34 p.m.

Few people seem to have an opinion on the new Bruce track, so I will move on...

I saw Superbad this weekend. I hate to be the curmudgeon, but I thought it was just ok. Certainly some very funny bits, and Michael Cera is adorable, but the movie really drags in the second half.

Also: seeing movies about teenagers always leaves my inner teenager feeling kind of abandoned and betrayed, cuz 99.9% of the time, these films are male fantasies--the nerdy guys end up with the hot girls. As long as we’re peddling dreams, it would be nice if they had a nerdy girl wind up with the cute guy for once.

(And don't give me Pretty in Pink--Molly Ringwald is not nerdy, she’s merely “from the other side of the tracks.”)

I'm already predisposed to liking Malian guitar music, but this group Tinariwen is particularly awesome. They're like the Malian Thin Lizzy. Well, not really, but the lead guy looks like Phil Lynott.

Anyway, they employ that blues + mysterious desert magic formula that distinguishes the genre, but with a much more expansive sound.

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