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2007-09-05 - 11:03 p.m.

I spent the morning at MoMA today, gawkin' at art and such-like.

It's not often that visual art makes me laugh, but a cluster of Garry Winogrand photos from the early '60s, taken in the Central Park zoo (and one in the Aquarium) made me chuckle out loud. I can't find any online to link to, but each and every one is just purely whimsical.

One is of an elephant trunk reaching toward a family triad--father, mother, son. And each member of the family is reacting differently: the pubescent son is gazing in horror and trepidation, the mother is smirking knowingly, and I forget what the father is doing, but he's doing whatever fathers from 1964 did in the face of a gigantic phallic symbol thrusting towards him in broad daylight.

In a few years, that kid in the picture would probably become a fringe-vested hippie, dangling his own trunk of phallic defiance in his parents' faces, but for that one bewildering snapshot moment, he didn't know what hit him, or what would become of him.

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