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2007-09-08 - 10:44 a.m.

I think we all recall the biggest news story of 2001.

(That's right, the launch of Wikipedia).

It tends to dwarf all the other events of that year, but up til then, the Robert Hanssen saga was pretty hot stuff.

The film Breach (in theaters for about five minutes this winter, and now out on DVD) tells the tale quite eloquently, with some artful touches and a handful of deft performances by Ryan Philippe, Chris Cooper, and an iron-jawed Laura Linney.

(Good DVD extras, too).

I'd mentioned downloading the new Michael Gira and Imperial Teen albums, but neglected to say how much I am enjoying them.

Michael Gira is one of those artists whose aesthetic is counter to everything I usually like, and yet something about his utter conviction--conviction unto goofiness at times, like Scott Walker--that compels.

I would very much like Michael Gira and Lisa Germano to get married. Wouldn't they be cute together?

And the I-Teen album is just delightful and sweet and catchy. "What You Do" is a perfect song.

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