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2007-09-13 - 10:42 p.m.

Today I learned the Masonic handshake from the son of a Mason, but my other big news: two gigs!

Saturday Sept 15: Freddy's

I am honored to be playing at The Larch's 10 Year Anniversary Show at Freddy's this Saturday.

This is gonna be an interesting, perhaps even poignant night, with sets by both the current Larch and the Classic Lineup Larch from a decade ago, doing songs that are so ingrained in my psyche that they've left little ridges on my skull. (Luckily my hair covers it).

9:30 - Paula Carino and the First Husbands Club

10:30 - 11:45 - My Two Larches

12:00 - The Saudi Agenda

Friday Sept 21: The Delancey

This, too, is gonna be a cool show, with one of my favorite NYC bands, The Actual Facts, as well as Overlord (with Tris McCall) and more more more:

8:00 PM Overlord
9:00 PM Paula Carino and her New Dealbreakers
10:00 Boy with a Fish
11:00 The A-Facts
12:00 The Mofos

Come out and listen to our rock music.

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