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2007-09-25 - 10:12 p.m.



I ended up working til 8:00, and missed the fun, stupid thing, that started at 6:30.

Or, I should say, Sixx Thirty.

I'm hoping that IHoP compatriot KriMur will weigh in on the event.

Really, the timing just could not have been worse.

However, I still had a great day. It was another gorgeous blue sky day, which we've been having a lot of lately.

I got a lot of good writing in (bios for a variety of artists, including Nina Hagen, Psychic TV, and, well, Ratt.)

I received much bounty at the library today--and now have a stack o' books on the ol' nightstand again, including the new Stephen Pinker, this incredibly poignant book (this link leads to a site with loudish sound), a novel by French author Anna Gavalda that not only looks good on the inside but is a beautifully-constructed Penguin paperback with (I have no idea what the technical term is) flapped front and back covers and really smooth, quality paper.

And when I did my laundry this morning, someone was giving away a nice sweater (and a t-shirt emblazoned with "OBSESSIVE" which I figured might come in handy some day.)

For someone who purports to champion Peter Gabriel, I have spent relatively little time with his second album (a.k.a. "Scratch"), so tonight I'm listening and remembering that, amid the excessive fretless bassiness, it has some good tunes.

If you don't listen too closely to the dreadful lyrics, "Mother of Violence" is right pretty, and "Wonderful Day in a One-way World" is a classic sprawling and screwy PG pop song.

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