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2007-09-26 - 10:33 p.m.

Not being much concerned with agriculture or home remedies, I'd forgotten that the Old Farmer's Almanac still existed, but apparently there are enough people who still buy it that it wound up as a best-seller this week. Heartening.

Still, I'm not sure I want the Old Farmer and his staff advising me on internet dating.

Sometimes I have to stop and thank god that I am a lowbrow when it comes to food. Sure I appreciate fine dining when it happens--I have even been known to bake bread and cook amazing meals once every 5 years or so--but my default setting is "microwaved scrambled eggs wrapped in baloney."

So now that I've developed a taste for maki, I have no problem buying the $2.50 eel roll at my local joint on the way home from work. Is it the best sushi this city has to offer? I'm sure it's not even close, but what do I care?

This must be what it's like to not have any sort of musical preferences. It's kind of a relief.

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