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2007-09-29 - 9:00 a.m.

Carole King appears to have a new single which isn't awful (and her voice is in fine form). Let's pretend it's not called "Girl Power."

Interesting that the honored first upper left hand MySpace friend is her daughter, but her daughter doesn't have her mama in the Top 8 at all. Stone cold dis, Louise!

Retro '60s garage bands are kind of a dime a dozen, but I like the song "Fluff N'Fold" by Norwegian garagesters the Launderettes.

It's the end of an era. The Cinnamon Girl lip balm I made a huge batch of for New Years Brunch 2003 is just about gone, and I had to--shriek!--buy a new lip balm today.

While at the drugstore I was pleased to see that some cosmetic company--Revlon? I can't find it online--has a "rock-n-roll" collection, featuring such edgy products as "punk rock peach" lipstick...Cuz peach is definitely the color of working class alienation.

Also, L'Oreal has a line of products called Infallible, Never Fail Makeup. I don't think that name even begins to describe how unfailing and indefatigable their makeup is.

And while on line waiting to pay for my thingie, an elderly lady and I both cracked up at the same sight gag--you had to be there, it was dog-related--and it occurred to me that as much as people talk about the delightful sound of children laughing, it's really much more gratifying to hear old people laugh.

Let's face it, when you hear children laughing, they're probably making fun of the fat kid, or discussing something poop-related.

But watching an old person dissolve into a genuine guffaw is like watching the ravages of time melt into pure joy.

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