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2007-10-02 - 9:46 a.m.

Tuesday--in brief!

  • Siouxsie is back! Her voice sounds great.

    From the department of "More of the Same, But the Same is Really Good":

  • Les Savy Fav's new album doesn't take any great stylistic departures from their previous stuff, but dude it rocks (and they're funny). Favorite song so far: the frenetic "Kiss Kiss Is Getting Old."

  • The new Beirut is as haunting and magical and vaguely disturbing as last year's album and EP, and will make you yearn for your childhood in a small Polish village in 1925 that you forgot, until now, that you had.

    Important lip balm update!

    While cleaning the IHoP HQ bathroom I found one more tube of Cinnamon Girl, with the original label intact (it has a tiny picture of Mercy). I suppose I should save this, although that seems like a waste of perfectly good 'balm.

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