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2007-10-06 - 8:38 a.m.

They were krauts. And they rocked. But their sound was much more akin to the bluesy acid-rock of Spirit than the synth-laden minimalism of the krautrock contemporaries with whom they sometimes mistakenly get lumped.

German hard-rockers Kin Ping Meh released their entrancing debut in 1971 (reissued this summer), and it sounds as good to me as anything else going on in that era: extended repetitive riffing (trippy but not too self-indulgent), beautiful vocal harmonies, and then out of nowhere some big blast of Teutonic "rroowwr"...

The song I can't stop listening to is "Fairy Tales," a throbbing, Fillmore East-ian epic (singer Werner Stephan even attempts a slurry Jimi Hendrix drawl here) that makes me want to take up filmmaking just so I can feature this amazing song in the opening credits, and then reprise it in the scene where the main character has a nervous breakdown and we know this because she (or he) starts applying lipstick and doesn't stop at the lipline, but keeps going, and then before you know it, the hair's all askew and furniture has been upended .

Kin Ping Meh!

I have been enjoying this daily portrait series. A former roommate of mine was a recent subject.

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